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Latest App Store Optimization Tips of 2017 Based on New App Store of iOS 11

Latest App Store Optimization Tips of 2017 Based on New App Store of iOS 11

According to the WWDC17, Apple has announced to launched ios 11 with great and amazing features. Apple team worked more and more with researchers to make improvements on their software and hardware products. Apple redesigns app store which is work on New App Store Optimization technique to optimise app.
iOS 11, the latest version of the operating system that runs on the iPhone and the iPad, introduces hundreds of new features, both major and minor. iOS 11 is limited to developers at the current time, but Apple plans to offer a public beta in late June 2017. The operating system will see an official release this fall alongside new iPhones.

The App Store is getting a big redesign with iOS 11. So now all app developer have to need to work on an app with new App Store Optimization for iOS 11. As with all big updates to the App Store, you need to understand how the updates will influence your ASO strategy.

Here is what you need to consider in your App Store Techniques when doing your next update in the app store for ios 11.

App Store Optimization Tips for New App Store of iOS 11

App Name

Well, in iOS 11 Apple is reducing the maximum characters in the app name from 50 to 30 characters, the opportunity to put valuable keywords into your app’s name becomes even more restricted.

So now it’s even more important that you pick the right primary target keyword to include in your app name. App name must be related to your app functionality. 


 App Subtitle 

App adds a new feature in the app store as an app subtitle. App subtitle enables you to communicate your value proposition. New indexed subtitle with 30 characters maximum. App subtitle appears below the app’s name throughout the app store new. 
Use this field to communicate the value of your app. Those keywords which are you used in your app subtitle, that will be indexed by the new app store, so be sure to add a few of your best keywords to optimize your app at the new app store.

Promotional Text

The promotional text is another new field that appears above the app description. This feature allows app publishers to use a maximum of 170 characters about an app to further communicate the value of their app in the new app store of ios 11.

It’s likely placed on top of the description, this would, however, conflict with the message that “The first sentence of your description is the most important — this is what users can read without having to tap

An important part of this promotional text is that a complete app update is not required to changing on this field. You could use this field to announce events in your app, share news, or promote limited-time sales.

New Menu Structure

Here menu structure is also changed in the new app store of ios 11.  Here in new app store different tabs top charts and categories disappear from the main navigation. Featured tab is now called “Today” tab, Apps and Games tab get their own tabs, both with editorial home pages,  Categories & Top Charts disappear. They are still accessible in app store or Search tab and Updates tab switch places.This increased focus on editorial content can be seen in the new App Store menu too.

New Featured Apps Layout

Apple designed new feature layout as a cards layout it’s all about an editorial in the new app store.

As Apple moves to a cards layout, there will be effective only 2 apps be shown on the first screen, whereas this used to be 9 apps (1hero banner + 8 featured app icons) It’s more important than ever to get featured.

App Preview Videos

App preview video is the best feature in the new app store to make a good impact with your targeted audience.

App preview video will be autoplay and localizable. You can add up to 3 previews on app page and localization of previews.

All video muted and auto play of previews. Screenshots of your app appear after video previews.  

The auto-play feature, in particular, will probably do a lot to communicate the benefits of your app.


Increased Ratings Display Control

The iOS 11 solutions should strike a good balance between allowing publishers to correct their mistakes and providing an accurate representation of how good the app really is.

Only the overall average rating will be displayed in iOS 11. App Publisher will also be able to determine when you reset the average rating of your app.

When used properly, this new feature will allow you to erase mistakes that you have made in the past, so your ratings properly reflect the current quality of your app.


ASO Based on Latest 2017 Policy

Expanded Search Results

Apple provides expanded search results In iOS 11, In this feature, the other elements of your app will appear in search results, not just your app’s profile page.

These expanded search results include Developers, In-app purchases, Categories, Editorial stories, Tips and tricks, Collections. Of particular note are editorial stories and tips and tricks. This is Apple created content that will highlight noteworthy iOS apps.

Apple mentions that you should put in your request to be featured 6-8 weeks before you officially launch a new feature or app. 


well, this blog has everything you need to know about new app store optimisation Technique for the next version of iOS 11 app store. iOS 11 will be available to the public later this summer at end of June.

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