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Top 10 Best Alternative App Stores for Android Apps

Alternative App Stores list

Top 10 Best Alternative App Stores for Android Apps

App Stores are such a great platform to find-out app type categorized apps. Google play store is most popular app store to publish and download an app for android apps, but some another apps stores also available for Android apps.If you are an Android developer, you’ll also want to consider Alternative App Stores list for android in order to maximise your exposure and ultimately your income.

               Amazon app store, Samsung galaxy apps, opera mobile app store etc also good popular app stores for a developer to publish their Android apps. you can use these app stores to download and installs latest apps. Google has improved its Android App Store a lot in the past few years, but sometimes you need an alternative. For those times, here are 10 great Play Store alternatives that you should know about right now. These are Alternative App Stores For Android Mobile.

1. Amazon  App Store                                            2. Samsung  Galaxy   Apps
3. Opera Mobile Store                                           4.  1Mobile Market
5. SlideME                                                                  6.   Mobile9
7. GetJar                                                                     8.   AppsLib
9. F-droid                                                                   10.  Mobango                                           

#Amazon Appstore

Amazon’s Appstore has many features the Android Market does not, such as a Save for a Later list and Appstore Gift Cards.  It offers a much smaller selection of apps and games than Google Play, but everything has passed Amazon’s quality control standards. It is polished and easy to use. Amazon’s web interface includes a “test drive” feature that allows users to try apps out on their desktop/laptop before purchasing.

Biggest Advantages: It is possible to publish HTML5 and web apps on the Amazon Appstore. It is a growing marketplace with hundreds of thousands of apps and a large customer base. The Amazon Appstore is also remarkably easy to navigate for all developers.You are also likely to do better with tablet-optimized apps than smartphone apps in general, as Kindle users are the primary customers.

#Samsung Galaxy Apps

Every Samsung Galaxy device has the app store installed so there is an immediate and large customer base.As the biggest and most successful Android device manufacturer around, Samsung has been offering a range of its own services and content on all of its devices, and that includes apps. The old app was Samsung Apps, then it became S Suggest, and it was finally re-branded as Galaxy Apps in July 2014.

Galaxy Apps is supposed to draw on a special algorithm to assess a bunch of data and offer intelligently tailored recommendations for you. On the surface, however, it appears to recommend the same old suspects. Furthermore, the search options aren’t great.If you want to get your app on Galaxy Apps, there is a submission process to get your app certified.

#Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store is also a biggest mobile app store. The Opera Mobile Store is extremely competitive in India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa and other markets around the world. It is not reliant on Opera browsers for distribution and can access from any browser and any mobile device from apps.opera.com.

The Opera Mobile Store is available through Opera’s mobile browsers and our flagship Opera Mini browser, which is available on the Android, Java, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone and iOS platforms.The store has over 100 million visits every single month, and there are over a million downloads each day.To get access to this huge audience is completely free.

#1Mobile Market

1Mobile is a global leader in specialized software stores for smartphones and other mobile devices. Our store, 1Mobile Market, is a collection of more than 600,000 mobile phone applications and games, with more exciting, practical, and unique applications added every day.

1Mobile intends to become the world’s most popular platform for smartphone application sales and distribution. We have carefully designed our website to support app developers and facilitate app publishing.1 mobile currently offer users the 1Mobile Market for client software downloads, a 1Mobile WAP site, three major applications, and the entire 1Mobile distribution and publishing platform.


SlideME is a leading independent  Android App & Games Marketplace, powering over 140 OEM’s preloaded with the SlideME Market, positioning SlideME second to Google Play in terms of global reach for Android Apps and Games distribution. SlideME provides a ‘Managed App-Store Service’ and builds solutions as per market requirements.

SlideME Android app store has a global reach and a decent user base. It offers free and premium apps in various categories and they all pass through a quality control process. One of the attractions for users is available globally and support for various payment options, including PayPal. It’s also easy to filter your searches, and you’ll find good app descriptions.

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This app store can be compared to a social network. Mobile9 has millions of active users and each one has the ability to comment on and share their installed apps. Publishing an app is free and with such a wide user base it can mean great results for a well-developed app.

mobile9 is the best app to download free games, themes, wallpapers, live wallpapers, notification sounds and custom fonts to make your Android device uniquely yours.  Plenty of free themes for popular launchers such as Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, Themes Launcher, MIUI Launcher, ADW Launcher, Buzz Launcher and more.There is a huge download rate with one of the smallest number of developers; getting noticed with Mobile9 can be relatively easy.


GetJar’s clever draw is to offer premium apps to users for free to generate traffic and then monetize that traffic with advertising dollars. App developers considering GetJar might be tempted by the virtual currency tie-ins, and the option to target new users with different kinds of promotions. Be warned, though, the submission process might take a while.

Getjar app store actively encourages their developers to use their freemium model with included adverts and in-app currency. GetJar Gold is one of the largest virtual currencies in use and is available to millions of users.Its biggest advantages are 30 million users and a great recommendation service that allows for quick discovery of new apps.

#Apps Lib

AppsLib was created by Archos and is the app marketplace for Android devices that couldn’t get Google certification, mainly tablets. It comes pre-installed on a number of devices from smaller manufacturers. There are almost 40,000 apps on offer, and each one has been certified as compatible with specific devices.

They are categorized, and there’s even an adult section, which is PIN protected. You can also pay for apps using PayPal.Developers can target devices beyond the reach of the Play Store with AppsLib and they can choose which devices they want their wares to appear on. The money is split is the standard 70/30 deal again.


The entire site and app store is run by volunteers and relies on donations. It only allows free apps and has a policy of not pushing apps that include paid add-ons or adverts. The very specific focus of F-Droid is to offer free and open source software (FOSS) Android apps. It’s basic, but apps on the store are categorized, and the list is searchable.

You’ll find a big selection of free apps here, all of which promise no tracking, no ads, and no dependencies. It’s worth checking out for free apps, especially if you support the open source movement. Obviously, developers will only want to venture here if they intend to release their creations with no expectation of profit.


MOBANGO is the first Universal Mobile Community that allows cell phone users to publish, convert, and share with friends all kinds of user-generated content -via the web and mobile devices- for personalizing and empowering the new cell phone’s generation.With MOBANGO, you have immediate access to thousands of personal files provided by MOBANGO users, across the World.

You can publish, convert, and share Personal Content of all types for your cell phone – Videos, Photos, Ringtones, Applications, Games.MOBANGO is your cell phone home on the web – dedicated to everyone who enjoys personalization and entertainment services for cell phones. Mobilize your files on MOBANGO and send them to virtually any cell phone in the World.

Conclusion :

These app stores are very helpful for app developers to publish their apps and also helpful for app lovers to get new apps.

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